Monday, 14 December 2009

We Love Rum and Kelly Kettles!

Well really we love anything to do with fire... We love axes and saws, matches, lighters, flint and FUEL.

Our favorite thing for lighting fires is... Stroh 80% rum! It gets wet wood burning almost as well as it does your throat.

I have also discovered a new found love for my shiney new Kelly Kettle. Firstly it boils the water for our tea, then the   fire inside is tipped out and and built upon to make a loverly roaring fire to warm our faces, dry our socks, cook our dinner and then drink our rum in front of.

Above is a picture of it in action, early one frosty morning down in Glen Etive before heading out for a day on the hills. With water from the ice crusted river, the kettle was super quick in boiling me a nice hot cup of tea. I then popped a panful of bacon on the fire and breakfast was soon sizzling away. A perfect start to a lovely day in the sun and snow, after a very cold night in the tent!


P.S. Please don’t put rum in your kelly kettle. That's what stupid is.