Friday, 9 December 2011

Winter Creeking in Snowy Scotland.

With the start of our University exams coming up, Jonny and I thought we would put revision on hold and have a little boating adventure before everything got too hectic. We headed north, watching the temperature drop and the rain turn to snow making for a very cold adventure with lower than perfect water levels. After a long walk, which involved getting a little lost, we jumped on the Garbh Allt burn. I was a little nervous because it was bigger than anything I had done since I hurt my shoulder and was a new river for both of us. The main drop though was really fun and the rest of the river went smoothly enough even though we had to get off before the end as it was too low. Definitely going to head back up when there is more water and complete it.

We then headed to the Lui for a quick run before it got dark. The main drop was a little bigger than I was expecting as it was too cold to spend ages scouting so Jonny just told me the line and off we went! Was awesome to get on 2 new rivers and be back in a boat paddling some technical white water again after spending so long injured.

                    Cold Day Boating Dec 2011 from JDN Media on Vimeo.

Above is a little video of our day thanks to Jonny.